Moving forward

Have spent so much time now learning to edit and having patience working out why the sound was bad.  Realised that the app I was using was a great starting point but I’m losing enjoyment as it’s not the best quality. Thought it was time for step 2 after a long delay. With tips here and there I’ve broke out of my unmotivated shell.

Moving forward it’s just about me enjoying covering songs that I enjoy personally or songs that will speak to others. I’ve never really wanted to be a cover artist and it just doesn’t fulfil me.  People do keep asking if I will gig or do weddings and I felt bad about myself as if I was the one not putting the work in or not being successful.  I enjoy singing as it’s all i’ve ever known and even when you lose yourself it’s something that you always come back to because it’s part of you … cheesy.

I’ve never had plans or goals .. the ones life tell you to have. To be someone, to be famous it just doesn’t appeal. It made me more depressed following what I thought people wanted knowing I didn’t really know where I was going or what I wanted to do.  It’s been such a tough Journey to begin with in my Christian walk and I was left confused on direction.

Now I’ve learned to just take things slow because it’s about me and my walk . I think a good message in this day and age is don’t worry if your not like everyone else, we are not all meant to know what we want to do or where we are going.  Just enjoy each day, try new things and don’t feel that pressure. Don’t be part of the rat race.  I love how everyone is different and there are people who achieve there dreams but sometimes we just don’t have one or we find that dream at different parts of our lives. Moving forward I aim to just sing, to write my stories about my life and cover songs that mean something to me. Whatever will be shall be 

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