Spiritual Health Weekend – Preston

I can’t even begin to explain how amazing this weekend has been. Crying, laughing just so much i could say. I will say it’s the most blessed amazing time that I think I’ve ever experienced.  Beautiful people and the most unreal thinks happening, God is moving so much lately and this has just added to the fantastic start to the year.  Ever felt like screaming from the rooftops?  That’s how I feel!
We had an amazing performance of the Luv Esther musical with a talented group of singers and dancers.
2017 was a year of hope. This year is a year of hope and happening. I for one will be moving forward step by step on my calling and won’t be holding on to fear or lies anymore.  Something happened for me today that just showed me that God’s got me all the way. I will be back next year. This has meant so much to me, well done everyone we are all so blessed by this weekend.  Never felt so overwhelmed.

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