The best is yet to come

I just wanted to encourage people on stepping out.  As people know I’ve had reasons why I’ve held back in life. Ones which really came to light this weekend and have deeply stirred me into stepping out. I have terrible stage anxiety when it comes to performing in front of people . It’s actually quite crippling for me at times.  I’ve sang for years but held back on things I could have done.  Strangely enough the worst is about the fear of forgetting lyrics .

This weekend was a great test when we were asked to learn a small piece of scripture by song in A minute.  When asked to do this on stage I put my hand up and I don’t normally, I wanted to really feel the fear and trust God.  Three of us ended to being asked to sing and dance this little tune.  I felt bad with nerves inside but I kept on remembering I was doing it in gods confidence not mine.  Ended up going mad and danced around and everyone showed there love and appreciation after.  I won the little fun competition which was a whole bag of books that I was going to buy anyway as I felt god wanted me to learn more.  I felt as if he was saying I have your back and also a little blessing for listening to and trusting me.  Life isn’t always perfect but you can do things through me and in my boldness.

I felt so accepted by everyone and for something so small it had a massive impact.  I went forward with singing in the little gospel choir on the night which we performed on the Sunday and my mam even joined in on the singing on stage out of her comfort zone!  Never let fear of not being accepted or good enough hold you back. You are more then enough, just hope that others can take something from them that will help them.

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