As we walk through life there are times when although we remember who we once were, we get lost along the way.  We carry on through life with a gifting that we may have left behind to pursue something else.  Its time to revisit that inner child and explore new possibilities.

Who I was

As a child I knew who I was and I knew what I loved.  I had a passion to sing ,dance and entertain.  I spent many moments of my childhood performing songs or dance routines for friends and family.

In my teenage years I started writing my own lyrics.  I’d write about my relationships, my feelings and my heartaches.  Joining a local band helped me to gain confidence recording and performing a few of those songs.  As the years went by I was in and out of music and met some talented musicians and singers along the way.  I entered a few competitions and continued writing behind the scenes and even stepped back into a few studios but unfortunately I had become distracted and suddenly all my focus was on a completely different industry.

Over time in regards to music, although I enjoyed singing, I somewhat found little satisfaction in what I was currently achieving and could not fathom out a path I wanted to take.

All the advice I had been receiving was not sitting too comfortable and it left me confused about who I was.  There was no question that whatever I did in life I always came back to that child.  The question was who am I now?

Who I’ve become

It was mainly a decision of sacrifice.  I became a Born Again Christian in 2004 and from that time I already had the answer to my questions I just hadn’t accepted the challenge of dying completely to flesh and selfishness.

So with that in mind, I made a choice to write whatever is on my heart, my battles, my experiences, a song of praise or a love song.  I would say I’m still discovering my style and genre but stay true to my own vocals which have a slight country/blues feel.

My goal is to help draw people closer to God and whether that’s showing my own battles conquered by him or writing a song for him.

Since writing some of my own songs I feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.  I also feel like I have peace and purpose.  Although I don’t have a final plan in mind I’m enjoying the journey along the way.

Emma x

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